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Hanseatic Power-the power generator that drives the world
Hansa Power Outstanding Quality Service Hotline: 400-600-6288
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Impression Hansa

Impression · HANSA

National Service Hotline: 400-600-6288


Gasoline generator

1. Stable power and strong power
2. Low power consumption and fuel consumption, obvious advantages compared with similar products
3, low noise, using a unique large muffler to reduce exhaust noise to low
4, superior durability, can work for 220 hours without exception

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Diesel generator sets

1. Domestically certified brands, tee design, start in one go
2. Folding shock absorption angle, wheels have the advantages of low vibration and easy movement.
3. The new design energy-saving motor is equipped with AVR automatic voltage regulator, and the voltage fluctuation is about 1% while adding and subtracting the load
4. Exclusive oil circuit switch design to prevent aging oil leakage and equipped with a large muffler to reduce noise

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Digital variable frequency generator set

1.12kg ultra light weight, light and small machine in history
2.Using a unique double-layer noise reduction structure. The operating noise of the whole machine is 4-10 decibels lower than that of traditional generator sets
3. Passed strict security certification standards, making users worry-free.
4, easy to operate, quiet operation, high-quality source technology advanced, durable, with its unique good quality power supply

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Power generation welding machine

1. The current is more stable. The welding current is stable. The welding with low current is easy to arc, the welding effect is good, the splash is small, and the welding is beautiful.
2.Unique tee design saves 30% fuel consumption compared to ordinary models
3, dual-use machine, excellent performance. Lightweight and beautiful, easy to move
4, compact structure, small size, light weight, high frequency, fast arc starting, strong penetrating power

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Recommended Hot Products

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全国服务热线: 400-600-6288 1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance, let you rest assured to buy; 30 repair service centers attentive service 24 hours on duty telephone enthusiastic consultation; cooperative logistics companies safely delivered to the national service hotline: 400-600-6288 立即咨询

1年质保,终身维护,让您放心选购;30个维修服务中心贴心服务 24小时值班电话热心咨询 ;合作物流企业安心送达

新型研发三通设计,一次启动 Convenient for Easy new R & D tee design, one start

Environmental protection E · p

相对传统发电机节油30%以上 Energy-saving E · s saves more than 30% compared to traditional generators

适用电压电流波动比较敏感的设备 Stable for stable voltage and current fluctuations

故障自动报警系统 Security Fault Automatic Alarm System

小巧、轻便,易于移动 Portable Portable is small, light, and easy to move

长时间运行无异常 Performance Properties run long without exception

比传统发电机组低3-9分贝 Low noise L · n 3-9dB lower than traditional generator set

好质量材料延长使用寿命 Long life L·L Good quality materials extend service life

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Hand hansa


Hansa digital generators are really popular!

Mr. Zheng, owner of an outdoor store in Shanghai

Many customers come to our store to buy Hansa digital generators. Many outdoor activity enthusiasts choose Hansa digital inverter generators. Because Hansa applies control module technology to generator sets for the first time, it is in line with the tradition of the same power level. Compared with generator sets, digital generator sets are lighter, cleaner in power and lower in emissions. They are truly green and environmentally friendly generators.


Shanghai Chengming Rongxin Technology Co., Ltd. Purchases Hansa Mobile Lighting Lighthouse

Hansa mobile lighthouse features: 1. Equipped with engine and generator, stable performance, easy to start and low fuel consumption; 2. New and unique cast aluminum lamp, stylish appearance, strong and durable; 3. Metal halide lamp, large luminous flux, Long life; 4, the lamp circuit is controlled separately, energy saving, safe; 5, high-performance self-brake hand-cranked winch, flexible lifting, locked at any time; 6, the lifting rod can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to adjust the projection angle; 7, novel The shape design is more beautiful and generous; 8. Spring damping chassis is suitable for drag walking in bad road conditions; 9. The surface is sprayed with plastic, beautiful and beautiful, rust and corrosion resistance; 10. It has optional functions: the electric frame of the lamp is turned over Remotely change projection angle, etc. Hansa mobile lighthouse, Hansa brand products. Worth your trust!

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Hansa Charity


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National Service Hotline: 400-600-6288

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Hansa Dynamics

Hansa E-Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for short Hansa Power is mainly engaged in the research and manufacture of generators. After years of R & D development, Hansa Power has now developed generators in various fields including gasoline generator sets, diesel generator sets, digital inverter generator sets, water generators for electric welding machines, etc. The products are widely used in various industries and are also produced. A processing company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Hansa E-Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business. Phone: 021-59570555

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Hansa Style

National Service Hotline: 400-600-6288

汉萨动力 卓越品质 发电机行业品牌的排头兵NO.1
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Hanseatic News / Generator Industry News Hanseatic News

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Hansa charity

Do you know the theoretical knowledge of ten-kilowatt multi-fuel gasoline generators?
What factors will affect the no-load power of a ten-kilowatt gasoline generator? Today, I will take everyone to understand the theoretical knowledge of ten-kilowatt multi-fuel gasoline generators, let you further understand the ten-kilowatt multi-fuel gasoline generators
Digital generators also need to turn around gorgeously
If there is demand in the market, merchants will find ways to meet market demand. The digital generator market follows the same principle.
How to maintain the core component of the generator-the engine
Although generators are widely used, the maintenance and maintenance of generator engines must be taken seriously. This is about the core of the generator, so it is necessary to know more about the common sense of engine maintenance and maintenance.
See how versatile a 20 kilowatt dual fuel generator is?
The 20-kilowatt dual-fuel generator is a new energy gasoline generator, an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving machine. It can use gasoline, natural gas, and liquefied gas.
What do you know about four-inch sewage pumps?
When it comes to water pumps, everyone ’s response is drainage, agricultural irrigation, washing private cars. But you know that there are many classifications of water pumps, one of which is called a sewage pump. Have you heard of it?
What do you know about four-inch sewage pumps?
When it comes to water pumps, everyone ’s response is drainage, agricultural irrigation, washing private cars. But you know that there are many classifications of water pumps, one of which is called a sewage pump. Have you heard of it?
How the effect of a small single-phase electric start gasoline generator is handed over to test
The daughter died 5 years, but the heartbeat came back to her mother's ears again, making the mother feel that her daughter was alive ... At that time, people around thought that the mother had bought her daughter's organs for money, but time would Prove everything. Starting from donating human organs in the county seat, good people have followed suit, and the relay of love has begun. There is a warmth on earth, and everything is given to time. Time will dilute all rumors and time will prove everything. In the industrial field that has great social and economic help, the efficiency of small single-phase electric start gasoline generators is also left to consider.
How to identify alternative five kilowatt gasoline generators
Five-kilowatt gasoline generators are small gasoline generators, which are frequently used in society, and their evaluations are also divided. Which five-kilowatt gasoline generator is the best one? Is there any way to identify it?
The price of a good 30 kW large diesel generator is worth discussing
The high-quality 30-kilowatt large-scale diesel generator has strong power and is extremely convenient for on-site use. The advanced AVR module and unique power generation system are light in weight, small in size, and easy to move. The price of such a high-quality 30-kilowatt large-scale diesel generator is also one of general concerns.
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